[Image description: a chart made up of 25 total squares, 5 in each row and 5 in each column, like a bingo card. each square contains a prompt. emotion/expressive, light, any character(s), green, 3+ person ‘ship, male character(s), dark, full body shots, end/last scene, scenery/landscape, yellow, beginning/first scene, Free Space/anything, blue, no eyes/faceless, object(s), minor/recurring character(s), negative space, female character(s), 2 person ‘ship, body parts (e.g. hands), black & white, red, main/ regular character(s), purple]

(Please let me know if I can make corrections or improvements to the above caption.)

Inspired by screencap memes on tumblr and writing prompt communities on livejournal, I decided to make a bingo prompts/inspiration card for editing caps! (or graphics or gifs etc.) if you want to join me…

  • assign as many caps as you’d like. 1 cap per prompt = 25 total caps; 4 caps per prompt = 100 total caps; and so on
  • multi-fandom and single-fandom friendly, but if you want to do a single character or ship you will need to replace some of the prompts (e.g. minor/recurring character(s))
  • the idea is to create many caps, 5 per row/25 caps total (or 4/square, 20/row, 100 total, etc.) so don’t use the same edit for two prompts. unless you really want to. in which case, go for it, don’t let me tell you how to live your life
  • to generate other bingo cards, try sites like bingocardapp.com (with which I am not affiliated)